How to Use Social Media to Hold Yourself Accountable and Achieve your Goals

I’ve been against sharing plans and goals on social media for a long time.

Rashad Autman has been doing something on his Facebook page for a while now that has me rethinking my stance on that though.

I still think real G’s move in silence… like lasagna (pictured, sorry).

The problem with sharing plans isn’t negative feedback.

If you’re not careful the positive feedback social media gives you can be so satisfying that you don’t actually DO the thing.

To avoid that, you should set clear goals with well-defined deadlines.

Using Mr. Autman as an example, this morning he posted: “Sending all logos, photos edits, and video edits by this evening. 😇

See? Clear goals, and a well-defined deadline.

When you put your goals out there for the world to see, you’re making a commitment. It’s a lot harder to give up on a goal when you know that other people are watching.

If you set a giant goal, use social media to share your progress, your setbacks, and your successes. Share the lessons you’ve learned along the way and the strategies that are working for you.

Make your timeline a journal of your journey and your audience will push you forward even when you don’t feel like you can go any further.

I am… #thebestversionofme

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