More than Just WooSender

Yeah… you get access to a follow-up and prospecting system unlike anything available on the market.

You also get:

✅ Copywriting

✅ A Dedicated Account Manager

✅ Custom Ai Response Libraries

✅ CRM Integration (Zapier)

✅ 1 Local Number

✅ 3,000 Emails

✅ 2,000 Texts

✅ 2,000 Voice Minutes

…and you know what else?

You know what’s turning into a pretty valuable part of this whole deal?

You get to work with me.

I’m not boasting. It’s actually kinda humbling to type.

It’s true though.

Working with me is becoming a valuable part of the experience.

One agent and I worked together for a bit today.

We created 13 appointments.

What would 13 appointments tomorrow mean to your business?

Let’s find out.

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