Brande Hutchinson of Lit Luxe Candle holds the bamboo top of one of her candles.

Lighting Up Life with Luxurious Scents: Meet Brandé Hutchinson of Lit Luxe Candle

Brandé Hutchinson, the owner and solopreneur behind Lit Luxe Candle, radiates passion for her craft and is fueling the flames of the luxury candle industry. Born and raised in San Diego, Hutchinson’s love for her local community and dedication to sustainable practices is evident in every candle she handcrafts.

A soft crackling sound, the warm glow of flickering flame, and an alluring scent that fills the room – these are the hallmark experiences offered by Lit Luxe Candle. Using a sustainable blend of coconut apricot wax, Hutchinson ensures her candles deliver scents effectively and last longer without negatively impacting the environment. Unlike conventional soy wax candles, Lit Luxe’s small jars last for an impressive 40 hours, doubling the longevity of candles you find at large retailers.

Fragrance and Mood: The Lit Luxe Magic

The purpose of Lit Luxe Candle extends beyond just creating a fragrant ambiance. Hutchinson is passionate about how her candles can lift people’s moods and change their spaces. “I haven’t met a person who doesn’t like candles,” she comments with a smile. For those who enjoy luxury environments and have an appreciation for higher-end experiences, Lit Luxe offers a collection of aesthetically pleasing candles available in a variety of colors, which can either match or contrast with any décor.

The business, launched in June 2023, is based out of San Diego, but Hutchinson is looking to expand her reach nationwide. She’s also keen to find shelf spaces in local coffee shops, spas, and farmer’s markets, where her beautiful candles can catch the attention of potential customers.

The Journey to Lit Luxe

Brandé Hutchinson’s journey to entrepreneurship was ignited by a personal tragedy, the loss of her fiancé in a car accident in 2009. This devastating event left her determined to be self-sufficient and left an indelible mark on her outlook on life. “I started thinking about what I could leave for my daughter,” she recalls with a trembling voice.

Not only did this tragic event spur her entrepreneurial journey, it also taught her the fragility of life. She learned not to take time for granted, especially with loved ones, and to cherish every moment.

This wisdom combined with her experience in foster care over the past 22 years, has helped her appreciate her fortunes, despite the tragedies she has faced.

Brandé’s entrepreneurial journey is more than just a personal pursuit; it’s intricately tied to a deeply cherished relationship – the bond she shares with her daughter, Cheyenne. Cheyenne, who just started her sophomore year at Hampton University, is already showing signs of exceptional academic prowess by making it to the Dean’s list. The resilience and drive she exhibits is a clear reflection of the qualities inherent in her mother.

In the luxurious candles she creates, one can see a manifestation of Brandé’s unyielding spirit and the illuminating force that Cheyenne represents in her life. Each candle radiates warmth, steadfastness, and hope – emblematic of the bond they share and the brighter future they look forward to.

Crafting a Sustainable Business

Lit Luxe Candle is more than just a business; it’s Hutchinson’s passion. Her candles stand apart due to their longer burn times and the use of essential oils, free of phthalates that have been linked to numerous health issues; including cancer. 

Brandé takes pride in being a San Diego-based entrepreneur, offering a 20% discount to customers who use the code HIGHVALUECONVERSATIONS at checkout. Additionally, she offers a pro tip for her candle-loving customers – “Trim the wick to about half an inch for a cleaner burn and to avoid black smoke.”

Additionally, she’s actively involved in local volunteering, advocating for foster care kids in San Diego through the volunteer organization, Voices for Children. She is also a member of Black San Diego, a local business networking group.

Lighting the Way Forward

Despite being new to the market, Lit Luxe Candle has seen promising initial success since its launch in June. But Hutchinson’s dreams for her business extend far beyond just candle making. She hopes to expand her product line to include room sprays and a variety of “Lit” products that capture her passion and commitment to quality.

Hutchinson’s dedication, resilience, and drive to create a high-quality product is truly inspiring. She is a testament to the power of turning personal tragedy into a force for positive change, lighting up people’s lives with her beautifully crafted, luxurious candles.

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