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Breaking Barriers and Building Homes: The Danielle Faye King Story

In an industry where many find it difficult to carve out a unique space, Danielle Faye King of Danielle King Real Estate Investments has found a niche that not only sets her apart but also brings her great fulfillment. She is not only a real estate consultant and an agent but also a general contractor and a coach, leveraging her wide-ranging expertise to help others navigate the complex world of real estate.

Danielle’s journey into real estate was motivated by her desire to ensure her family’s long-term success. “When you look at how wealth is built, real estate is the most sound investment for long-term success. I needed to make sure my family was invested in real estate,” King says. A driven individual with a strong background, King has been a police officer, a crossfit coach, a personal trainer, and even an owner of a gym in San Diego. Each of these experiences have shaped her and contributed to her determination to succeed in the world of real estate.

Her previous professional roles might seem unrelated to her current occupation, but Danielle views them as invaluable for teaching her the importance of sincerity, empathy, and understanding. “I’ve learned that as an agent people want to be heard, and they need to be protected. I help people think about a purchase decision from angles they may not have thought of,” she shares.

King’s unique proposition lies in her dual role as a general contractor and a real estate agent. This puts her in a unique position to offer clients a comprehensive service, guiding them in their decision-making process about any modifications they may want to make to their newly purchased home. She covers the states of California and Florida, offering her services to a diverse clientele.

She also dedicates time to teaching new real estate agents, as well as those feeling stuck, how to leverage social media to get more leads and convert those into buyers or sellers. With her guidance, agents are learning to build an audience and clientele using the same social media strategies that have worked for her.

The exponential growth in her business speaks volumes about Danielle’s work ethic and her knack for making connections. Just under two years as an agent, she has gone from making a sale every 2-3 months to closing 3-4 sales per month – an impressive growth rate for a new agent.

Being a solopreneur can be challenging, but Danielle seems to relish the challenge. With a ton of leads coming in, she acknowledges that it might be time to build a team. While she’s keen to grow her business, she also believes in organic growth, stating, “I like to meet people organically.”
However, what truly sets Danielle apart is her empathy and her commitment to making real estate accessible to all. She works diligently to help first-time home buyers overcome the hurdles and misconceptions about home ownership, including the fear of homes losing value. “Residential property has always gone up in value, even after small dips in value,” she asserts.

Danielle’s life is a testament to her resilience, determination, and unwavering belief in her abilities. Currently an MBA holder, she is almost done with her doctorate, with her PhD focusing on management leadership and organizational training.

Her story isn’t just about real estate; it’s about a woman who’s constantly learning, adapting, and helping others do the same. Her work resonates with those who value honesty, patience, and someone willing to fight for them.

“If you’re looking for an agent who is patient, honest, and willing to fight for you, call me,” she encourages. The world of real estate can be daunting, but with Danielle King’s guidance, it becomes a little less intimidating and a lot more exciting.

Connect with Danielle at https://daniellekingrei.com/

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