Mine. Your. Business.

MINE your own business – and yep, I meant it JUST like that!

Mine. Your. Business.

I just did this and got an appointment that could be worth thousands scheduled for Monday morning. (She doesn’t work weekends).

Here what you can do to MINE your business.

  1. Find the 50 oldest leads in your CRM… the ones you gave up on months ago.
  2. Send a text msg that says “?”

(Just the prospects first name and a question mark)

  1. When they respond, re-introduce yourself and make an offer like this:

“I’m not sure if you remember but we talked a while back about the service my company offers? This is Mike from followupforme.com

I wanted to circle back and see if we can hop on a call and catch up.”

(You aren’t Mike from followupforme.com, so use your name and business name)

Set the appointment and make your offer!

That’s it. That’s how you prospect and MINE in your own business. Turn those trash leads into revenue!

Got a big list of old leads? We can help! Out automations can do this for thousands of your old leads and book the interested prospects directly to your calendar.

Learn more at followupforme.com

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