Nubian Rainbow: An Ode to Expressive Uniqueness

In a world where individuality is often lost in the mainstream, a vibrant beacon of creativity emerges from Stone Mountain, Georgia. Enter Subeidaliz Colon, the charismatic entrepreneur behind Nubian Rainbow, a trailblazing jewelry business catering to those who dare to stand out.

Known to her friends as “Rainbow” for her flamboyantly colorful attire, Colon brings a splash of uniqueness to her jewelry line. The name “Nubian Rainbow” pays homage to her colorful personality and her proud identity as a person of color. She creates an extensive variety of colorful pieces designed to enable people to express their authentic selves.

“Nubian Rainbow is for people who want to stand out and be wildly expressive,” Subeidaliz explains, “something you won’t find in mainstream malls.”

Standing Out from the Crowd
Colon’s ideal customer persona speaks volumes about her mission. She targets the LGBTQIA+ community, specifically individuals between 25 and 35 years who wish to make a statement with their appearance. Despite being in business for just seven months, Nubian Rainbow has begun to carve out a niche for itself, offering shipping services nationwide.

What sets Nubian Rainbow apart from the competition? “My jewelry is eccentric and quirky – each piece is handmade and unique, just like the people who wear it,” Colon asserts.

From Bullied to Business Owner
Colon’s journey into this business is as unique as her pieces. In her younger years, she faced bullying, which dampened her naturally flamboyant spirit. This experience, however, propelled her to rediscover her vibrant personality and use it as a catalyst for her creativity.

She expresses, “I was learning myself. I really enjoy creating art.” Her entrepreneurial spirit blossomed when she collaborated with a local designer in Boston, her hometown, culminating in her walking the runway alongside him. The experience cemented her belief in her capacity to be a business owner and reinforced her love for the reactions her art provokes.

A New Chapter in Stone Mountain
Colon recently relocated from Boston, Massachusetts to Stone Mountain, Georgia, to pursue her dream of fashion. As a solopreneur, she appreciates the close-knit community of Stone Mountain and its large population of people of color. She hopes to eventually grow her business, with aspirations of owning a physical store someday.

Nubian Rainbow is a labor of love for Colon. She takes pride in each piece she creates, reveling in the idea that her jewelry adds an extra layer of expression to her customers’ lives. She recounts an interaction with a neighbor who said, “I know you made that yourself because I’ve never seen anything like that before.” This uniqueness is precisely what Nubian Rainbow aims to bring to its customers.

In addition to running her business, Colon has a love for singing, drawing, writing poetry, and performing at open mics. She is also a proud mother of two children, ages four and eight.

Looking Forward
The vibrant, expressive world of Nubian Rainbow is just beginning to unfold. With a mission to empower individuals to boldly express themselves, Subeidaliz Colon is a testament to the beauty of embracing your individuality.

From her unique backstory to her passion for creating art that allows individuals to make a statement, Colon invites potential customers to take a leap of faith into the colorful world of Nubian Rainbow. As she beautifully puts it, “I have something for everybody.”

For those who yearn for eccentric, handmade, and one-of-a-kind jewelry that resonates with their authentic selves, Nubian Rainbow offers a vibrant haven to stand out from the crowd.

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