Turn Your Ideas Into Reality In 3 Simple Steps

Ideas don’t matter.

They’re cheap.

In fact, as a business owner you can count on hearing ideas from all over about how you can improve your product, offer, processes or service.

Ideas are a dime a dozen.


All that matters is execution.

A bad I idea in the hands of people who know how to execute will evolve and pivot into something great.

A great idea, unexecuted is just that… a great idea. Nothing.

That’s why I don’t mind sharing ideas out loud. Everyone has ideas.

Very few people know how to execute.

So here’s how you become an executioner and break free of the entrepreneurial idea loop of death.

  1. Get an idea.
  2. Do something towards the act of implementing or executing that idea. Right now.
  3. If 7 days pass and you haven’t taken action towards making that idea reality, scrap it.

Really. Get rid of the idea… you didn’t do anything for a whole week so you don’t really want to do it. What you want is to see someone else do it… which is fine. You though? It’s time for you to move on.

The rules:

  1. Thinking doesn’t count.
  2. Action, and ONLY action counts towards progress.
  3. Again… THINKING DOES NOT COUNT as progress.
  4. Posting on social media for “feedback” doesn’t count as progress.
  5. Thinking. Doesn’t. Count.

Phone calls, text, emails, outlining, documenting, whiteboarding… these are all actions. If you’re taking actions towards making the idea reality keep going. It might take minutes, it might take years… but keep taking action and the idea will grow and becoming something real.

Now so you want to know the real secret to making your ideas grow?

Mastermind groups.

But we’ll talk more about that later.

What are you going to start?

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