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Elegant & Exquisite: The Journey of Elisia Mike

In the world of massage and aesthetics, it’s a rare privilege to encounter a business that prioritizes its clients’ health, well-being, and education as passionately as Elegant & Exquisite Massage & Esthetics does. This Augusta, Georgia-based company is spearheaded by its founder, Elisia Mike, a dynamic entrepreneur and practitioner with a profound calling to healing.

Founded four years ago, Elegant & Exquisite Massage & Esthetics offers a wide variety of services including Brazilian lymphatic drain massage, therapeutic massage, Thai/Yoga massage, body sculpting, laser lipo skin tightening, and an exciting array of upcoming aesthetic skincare services. However, what truly sets this business apart isn’t just the variety of services offered but the underpinning philosophy that sees massage therapy as a ministry.

Born and raised in the DC/Maryland area, Elisia was led to her path in the healing arts after serving in the army. Utilizing her GI Bill, she decided to try massage and aesthetics school and quickly fell in love with the practice and the fulfillment it brought her in serving people. She now calls Augusta home, where she lives with her two children, a son, and a daughter, both of whom are active in the family business.

As a solopreneur, Elisia’s dedication to her clients’ growth, well-being, and health sets her apart in an industry often more focused on quantity over quality. She takes pride in treating every client as if they’re the most important person in the world, focusing on their individual needs and goals. Her unique approach has won her an ideal clientele: individuals interested in improving their health and willing to understand the benefits of massage.

Elisia’s passion for her work is not confined to her business alone. She’s an active participant in local business networking groups like Augusta Small Business Networking Group and the Black-Owned Matters Now Networking Group, among others. She holds certifications in Brazilian lymphatic drainage massage, Thai yoga, and body sculpting.

Beyond her dedication to her clients and community, Elisia’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges. Following a difficult pregnancy and a divorce, she discovered her resilience and faith’s strength. These experiences have shaped her approach to her work, strengthening her conviction that she’s offering a necessary service to her community.

When asked about her tips for choosing a massage therapist and aesthetician, Elisia emphasizes the importance of finding a practitioner dedicated to your health and well-being. “In school, they teach about the importance of health, safety, and sanitation, but in practice, many spa owners cut corners on these things to maximize profits,” she says.

Perhaps most telling is the significance she assigns to her business location. Elisia views the acquisition of her current space as divine order following a challenging search in the aftermath of her divorce. It’s a space that serves not only her business but also accommodates her children, fostering a family-oriented atmosphere that has been the foundation for her business’ success.

While her business is rapidly growing, with plans to hire more staff soon, Elisia remains grounded in her core beliefs. “The essence of who I am is in my business,” she says. For her, each day is an opportunity to live out her philosophy: “God is amazing, and I work through Him.”

In an industry where it’s easy to lose sight of individual needs and personal touch, Elisia Mike and Elegant & Exquisite Massage & Esthetics offer a refreshing and necessary alternative. With an unwavering dedication to her clients, her community, and her faith, Elisia’s healing ministry provides an elegant and exquisite experience — just as the name suggests.

Connect with Elisia here: https://www.elegantandexquisite.com

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