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Shilpi Chanda: Crafting A Lifestyle of Happiness

There are those who take a passive stance towards life and those who embrace it with a vigorous spirit, shaping their own existence. Shilpi Chanda, a versatile entrepreneur and owner of Shilpi Chanda International, surely belongs to the latter group. Her life is a testament to the power of self-transformation, inspiring countless others along the way.

A Compassionate Visionary

Based in Beaverton, Oregon, Shilpi is a woman of many talents. She has built a business that spans multiple disciplines, including Health & Wellness, Dance, Life Coaching, Makeup and Styling, and Yoga and Meditation. Despite the diverse nature of these services, they share a common purpose: to help clients discover their inner happiness.

When asked about her company’s mission, Shilpi emphasizes satisfaction. “Many people are not content with their look or place in life. My focus is on bringing happiness. Discovering your happiness is my goal,” she asserts. And the way she does this is as unique as her own journey.

Shilpi utilizes an array of tools, from makeup instruction to wellness advice, that are not just about external transformations but also inspire an internal shift toward positivity. The services she provides are highly personalized, tailored to meet the needs of her primarily female clientele, aged 30-50, who are seeking to enhance their self-care routines amidst their busy lives.

A Heart-Centric Approach

Shilpi’s business philosophy is simple and profound. She believes that success doesn’t come from the volume of knowledge one possesses, but rather, the depth of one’s care for others. “I’m a heart-centric person, and to me, nothing is more important than the human being. This is a service in service of mankind,” Chanda explains.

Shilpi understands that the journey to self-improvement is a deeply personal one. She treats her clients with the utmost respect for their privacy, cultivating a safe space where they can grow and thrive. Her commitment to her clients extends beyond the services she provides, she even interviews small business owners to help them gain exposure, reflecting her spirit of community and mutual upliftment.

A Personal Journey to Empowerment

Shilpi’s journey into entrepreneurship has a heartwarming origin story. It began after the birth of her daughter. Struggling with her body image, she realized she wanted to set a positive example for her child. This desire sparked a transformation, igniting a path toward self-care and well-being that would later evolve into a thriving business.

This shift was also influenced by her love for books like ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and ‘Ask and It Is Given’, which had a profound impact on her. “After reading those books I feel like I manifested this phase of my life,” she shares. This spiritual transformation is an integral part of her journey and continues to influence her work and life.

Guiding Light in the Wellness Landscape

With an honorary doctorate from MSICC, Shilpi has crafted her business with a unique blend of expertise, compassion, and personal experience. Her services are deeply rooted in understanding the individual needs of her clients and offering them the tools they need to find joy in their own lives.

While many wellness professionals focus on external success, Shilpi sets herself apart by putting care at the center of her practice. She asserts, “You should be important to your life coach. What do you as a person mean to the provider?” This human-centric perspective makes her stand out in the crowded wellness industry, offering a refreshingly empathetic and personalized approach to self-improvement.

An Entrepreneur with a Difference

Shilpi’s journey, driven by her desire to serve others and share the wisdom she has garnered, speaks volumes about her character. This devoted solopreneur believes in nurturing connections, understanding cultural nuances, and fostering trust in her community. She’s an embodiment of the notion that when passion and profession align, remarkable things happen.

Even as her business continues to grow, she remains grounded in her mission: to bring more happiness into people’s lives. As she puts it, “Everyone in this space is not [necessarily] a loving person by nature, but I am.” This clear-eyed devotion to her work, her clients, and her own journey of self-improvement is a compelling testament to her character and vision.

The Melody of Life

Beyond her professional commitments, Shilpi indulges in music, an escape that offers her solace and inspiration. She confesses, “I love to listen to music; it’s soothing for me and therapeutic. I love romantic music, especially Thousand Years, but my favorite is You Are the Reason by Calum Scott.” Along with music, motivational speakers and authors like Tony Robbins, Oprah, and Wayne Dyer also keep her inspired and motivated.

A Call for Personal Transformation

Whether it’s through her life coaching services or her dance classes, Shilpi Chanda is creating ripples of positive change. Her company, Shilpi Chanda International, is a beacon of empowerment, inviting everyone to embark on their personal journey toward happiness and satisfaction.

If you’re looking for someone who cares about your well-being, understands your struggles, and is passionate about helping you discover your happiness, Shilpi Chanda might just be the person you’re searching for.

Shilpi Chanda is not just a business owner; she’s a compassionate companion for those seeking to transform their lives, a testament to the power of care, love, and kindness in the realm of personal development and wellness.

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Connect with Shilpi at her website by clicking here.

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