How to Play Big

The Dodgers are the #1 NL playoff seed, Padres are #5.

Do you know what’s crazy?

Looking at these first two Padres/Dodgers NLDS games it’s the Padres that seem to be playing as the big dogs and the Dodgers are having to get scrappy.

Way back when I sold cars we had a “power up” rule.

Salesmen would basically wait in line to take the next customer that walked on the lot, but if a salesman sold a car they could cut the line and get the next person to walk up.



For a car salesman, the best time to sell a car is right after you sold a car.

A salesman who just sold a car expects the next prospect they speak with to buy. That assumptive energy on the salesman’s part has the power to turn tire kickers and “shoppers” into right-now buyers.

For insurance agents, the best time to write a new policy is right after you just wrote a new policy.

So why do so many insurance agents struggle to create momentum?

They don’t power up.

They write a new policy and then go back to start the process of calling leads…

That’s why we created the Insurance Sales Engine.

Our agents get life insurance, final expense, IUL, and mortgage protection appointments booked directly to their calendars.

Qualified prospects with buying intent, and if they don’t show… you don’t pay*.

Imagine having back to back to back opportunities every day without dial days.

That’s how you play big.

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