How to Eat an Elephant

I was talking to Nic Sementa yesterday and the subject of intermittent fasting came up. He said something that made so much sense that I have to share.

He asked, “when you’re not taking good care of yourself what are you really saying?”.

The answer to that question helps explain the source of bad habits like procrastination, disorganization, apathy and poor health choices for a lot of people.

All of those bad habits I just listed are habits that virtually everyone has access to tools they can use to break.

The internet is great for that. Google “how to stop procrastinating” and I bet you’ll find a million resources ranging from free YouTube tutorials to paid courses, tools, gadgets, and coaches.

And you know what’s crazy?

They ALL work.

Pretty much any process meant to break any bad habit that requires effort will work.

If the process requires effort and you do it, it’ll work.

That means that if you’re reading this on the internet and you really wanted to stop procrastinating you could.

So what does it mean when we choose not to?

For some of us, it may mean we don’t believe we deserve the good that comes from better habits.

For others, there may be added pressure to maintain bad habits in order to fit in with our social circle.

Either way, it’s a silent protest against your own success.

This issue is massive, and it’s not something I think I can fix for anyone but myself. There are probably some pretty complex psychological reasons and a splash of trauma behind many bad habits and I’m not qualified to advise on any of it.

Especially not in a blog post.

I can tell you what I’m doing though.

Like any massive project I’m tackling it one bite at a time, and with friends.

For me that means:

✅ Small steps.

✅ Small adjustments.

✅ Big discipline.

For example, adjusting my eating window from 24 hours a day down to 12 hours a day down to 8 hours a day down to 6 hours a day over a period of months takes small steps and big discipline.

The other thing I’m doing is surrounding myself with people who are on the same path of learning that they deserve the good.

Ask the people you talk to the most about what their goals are. Where do they see themselves 5-10 years from now? Does your vision for your life align?

If not, it may be time to consider your circle.

Whatever you do, I want you to know that you’re worthy of the effort and you deserve the reward.

Stop silently protesting and sabotaging your own happiness.

Start choosing YOU.

You’re worth it.

I am… #thebestversionofme

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