Next Chapter

Thank you all so much!

Your support means everything to me!

So much to update you on!

The Best Version of Me Podcast is doing so much traffic that it got approved for ads today. I’m not adding ads but this is a milestone that came much sooner than expected.

Also… no big deal… but Meta just designated me as a “Public figure” for some reason. One step closer to my blue check mark!

The mastermind and coaching program I’ve been part of for the past year is coming to an end.

It took 11 months but we figured out what we needed to figure out and that chapter is closing… and I can feel it… what’s next is going to be huge.

The “Mike Polite” brand is growing and the business brand is evolving.

I’ve never felt a shift like this. If you’ve enjoyed being part of this so far just WAIT until you see what’s happening in my next season.

I’m looking forward to showing you all what we’ve built over the last year. Stay tuned.

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